Big Blazer

oil on canvas, 71 inches by 83 inchess


Mankato, MN

My artwork of the last several years has concentrated on genre. Rather than think of my painting as being an attempt to unify different subjects and stylistic approaches into one image, I have decided to explore multiple genres. This shift in my thinking allows me the freedom to use painting as a statement beyond my personal considerations. The genres I am focusing on are portraiture, landscape, still life, religious iconography and abstraction. Through this approach I am challenging authorship, originality and artistic autonomy.

My Memory of Water paintings began on an island off the coast of Maine. For the month of September in 2012, the Helliker-LaHotan Foundation invited me, to a residency on the Great Cranberry Island. I worked alone in a studio by a tidal bay. I watched the tides go up and go down. I took naps and I painted. I emerged from that dream-like experience creating what I call my Memory of Water paintings. My intent is to evoke our multiple associations with water, not just represent what water looks like. In doing this I hope to suggest primal memories, memories that exist beyond conscious, rational thought; or maybe memories that exist in dreams or half waking moments of recollection.

My large-scale pet portraits express empathy, connection and love. I have a Facebook group called “I Love YOUR Cat! I Love YOUR Dog!” In this group I invite people to submit photos of their beloved pet cats or dogs. This has become a repository of imagery that I utilize to create these paintings. So the paintings are photos taken by the person that belongs to the pet. This is important because the photograph indicates aspects of that human/animal relationship. Proximity to the subject, camera angle, the gaze of the pet, and the location of the photo are all indicators of this relationship.

It is my intent to place you the viewer in between the loving empathetic gaze of pet and human.