Offerings to Buddha in the Morning

Silkscreen printed, dyed and chogakpo stitched cotton and silk, 111 inches by 44 inches


Red Wing, MN

I tell stories in my work, visual stories through colour and pattern that connect other times and other cultures with my own personal life lessons, often reinterpreting and reflecting on both past and present traditions in the cultures in which I have lived or traveled. Having ventured to such exotic places as Asia, Eastern Europe, India, Russia, Turkey, and former Soviet countries, travel has had an obvious and extraordinary impact on what I create and has given me the gifts of stories that I transform into works of art.

Throughout my life, I have worked hard to make art that will stimulate new ways of thinking and of viewing the world. In doing so, I hope my work engenders ideas and dialogues that cross disciplines as well as aesthetic, cultural, gender, social, political, and geographic barriers. I expect my work to enrich others’ lives and expose them to other cultures with their rich and varied stories and traditions. Above all, my various travels and the process of creating my pieces have taught me that art is our common language and a link to our shared humanity.

The body of work I have created over the years consists mainly of silkscreen-printed, or painted cotton and silk fabric that is sewn and constructed into large scale, shrinelike textile pieces, as well as smaller, intimate pieces, both functional and beautiful, that relate to objects used in ceremony and ritual. Ultimately, my artwork, in its usage of colour, line, and symbols in repeated pattern, celebrates the beauty and harmony of everyday life, translating stories heard and memories captured.