charcoal on paper, 28 inches by 35 inches


Delano, MN

These charcoal drawings initially came about by me feeling lost in my work and deciding to simplify in hopes of regaining my footing. Paring down to the basics of charcoal on paper – black and white, negative and positive space. It is interesting that in limiting myself to essentials, I actually felt the freedom to open up and expand. My work took on new dimensions and started to have a more emotional content.

I spend a lot of time bird-watching by myself, usually in the dawn or dusk times of day, and my drawings started to portray images of the gloaming light, trees against sky, weather, wind, migration. These pieces have a strong sense of light, and trees play a major role; each species, each tree, is individual and has the power to shape how we see and feel. The places are not specific or recognizable, but may invoke a memory or seem familiar. My pieces are depictions of trees made out of charcoal, that comes from trees. I like the circularity, or Yin/Yang quality of this.