Facebook 2, 2014

screen print, 40 inches by 36 inches


St. Paul, MN

I screen-print, draw and paint. I make drawings of stylized figures and faces integrated with Arabic ornamentation, henna patterns and calligraphy. I explore the veiled spaces of Arab women and juxtapose that with the deeply seated belief of the sacred feminine.

I try to make art that is both authentically Arab and contemporary at the same time. I make homage to oriental rugs, Arabesques, and Arab tile design using vibrant colors of mosques and Islamic rugs.

Through embracing Arab aesthetics, my work examines Arab’s social values and cultural ideals. This includes women’s status, homosexuality and relationships with Jews. I use henna, dye, and ink in screen printing and painting. I like using fabric because it is malleable, free, and traditionally an important Islamic medium.