Excavation, 2013

mixed media on panel,18 inches by 18 inches


Coon Rapids, MN

As with many working adults, I spend a great deal of time traveling. My sense of place is transitory; I spend much of my time moving through space, looking at land through the confines of GPS devices, computer screens, paper maps and my windshield. My artwork has become a way for me to make sense of my day; it is an exploration of the way I organize, perceive and compose my surroundings and space.

To capture the idea of travel, distance and time, my painting and drawing method involves a layering of mixed media processes built up on a surface. My work surfaces may be reminiscent of fabric or utilize grids that delineate property and as organizational schemes that reference art, architecture, design and geography. My work uses aspects of representational and abstract interpretations of land, blurring the line between perception and imagination. This correlation and fusion of concepts and processes are areas of interest in my work and relate to what I sense and feel intuitively during my travels. I begin all work with a concept and a direction I want to pursue, but rely on instinct to drive the work. This duality in work approaches gives me a desired course while allowing room for the unexpected, much like travel.