Foggy Sunrise / Chippewah River

oil on board, 24 inches by 36 inches


Terrace, MN

“Art is seeing…..with your mind as well as with your eyes. Always searching, rarely satisfied. Art & artists should have a common goal – to promote change for the better. Being an artist comes with an obligation….to breathe new life into old traditions or create new ones that are timeless.

I create out of necessity – out of a need for clarity. Over the years, thoughts about my art wash over me. Fluidly changing back and forth, like the ebb and flow of water. Still the need to create is constant – never ending.

Emotion moves my hand, blends my color. Always searching for the quiet, peace and solitude in my subjects. These feelings are important to my work. It reflects a part of who I am.

I’ve always felt that imagination was the greatest gift anyone could receive or bring forth out of themselves.

Where I’ve been with my art is really the same place I’ve been going. I strive to push through boundaries and find reach change in my work. To explore the undiscovered within myself – that is the day to day journey.”