Lao weaving/Silk/”Ikat”, tie dye technique, 16” X 20”


Robbinsdale, MN

This “ikat” weaving depicts the love for my mother and how she has taught me to love our environment and other people. This piece that I wove is a gift and an honor to my mother who has lovingly nurtured me to be who I am today. (The “mut-mee” or ikat tie-dyeing is a process of wrapping the pattern into the threads before dyeing and weaving.)

Lao weaving is my world, my cocoon, my life. The history of Lao women’s weaving goes back for thousands of years, as mothers have been passing down their skills to their daughters for generations as the heritage of family and society.

Like women before her, my mother has passed onto me her beautiful skills of Lao weaving art. I have learned “Brocade,” “chok,” and “mut-mee” or “Ikat” weaving techniques from her.

Through weaving and my mother, I have learned about my beautiful culture and heritage. Each time I weave I am making a fabric of my world. With this world I learned to connect to my mother and bond with her with much love and compassion. The study and the practice of the art have helped me develop love of work, honest effort, harmony, wholeness, and gentle and indomitable power. Each day, I have blossomed, like my art, with new inspiration and creativity.

As a traditional Lao weaver, I use my hands, eyes, nature, stories, and imagination, to express my feelings on particular subjects and tell stories of love, family, and friends. With my weaving work, I am given a life of freedom, creative vision and self.