Coat of Arms

Photo, 16 inches by 20 inches


Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Angled

The project is a photo series capturing the life and people who live on the Minnesota Angle. The Angle is a plot of Minnesota surrounded on 3 sides by
Canada, and accessible from the lower 48 only via water. The oddity of The Minnesota Angle or Northwest Angle is so unusual, and has long held my interest. The 60 or so residents of The Angle are completely surrounded by Canada, and is one of the most remote places to live. In January 2014 the Minnesota Angle was the coldest place on earth at -45 F.

To lend of another layer of uniqueness is the addition of a third national border The Red Lake Tribal Nation. The survey mistake in 1818 that determined the
international boundaries for the northern most border of the United States created American land on an Indian Reservation largely surrounded by Canada. The daily life in the Angle Inlet town requires traversing international borders multiple times daily. The few children who live on The Angle attend the last one room school house in Minnesota. The teenagers commute 3 hours daily to attend high school, and the morning often begins with a boat, or snowmobile to catch the bus at 5:00 am It is truly a unique place.

Minnesota Angled is directly inspired by a recent project Occidente Nuevo: Recycled Tijuana. While working in Tijuana I kept thinking that I live in a state with a foreign border too and am very aware of how radically different the relationship between the northern and southern border is. For 3 years I photographed residents of Tijuana who lived in houses that were moved over the border from San Diego. The insight and intensity of life on the Tijuana/San Diego border is rich and overwhelming. It is one of the busiest crossings in the world. After completion of the Tijuana series I headed north to explore my own state. My work has a long history of capturing the relationship between people and the environments they live in, and Minnesota Angled is my current project.