Treuren I

digital photography, 16 inches by 20 inches (framed)


St. Paul, MN

My photographic work explores visual presentations of emotional/spiritual landscapes. These black/white images are part of my series, Treuren, (the space in one’s soul where sorrow moves in and takes up residence), an ode to the fragility of life and beauty of gesture. Hands, our original and ultimate tools, feel iconic symbolizing our strengths, interconnectedness and community. At once intimate and public, hands are demonstrative of the discourse of the soul.

Petronella Ytsma, lives on the West side of St. Paul in a renovated old fire-station, and works as a professional photographer. She documents artwork for many artists, theatre and other non-profit organizations. She currently teaches the History of Photography at Metropolitan State University. Her personal work remains black and white film based image making.