Twilight 6

acrylic on birch panel, 32 inches 48 inches by 2 inches


St. Paul, MN

Teresa Cox, is a Twin Cities native. Her studio practice includes painting, teaching and design work with public art installations at Winona University and the DECC in Duluth. Cox’s most recent paintings and drawings were exhibited at the Albuquerque Museum of Art in New Mexico and the Drawing Center in Chelsea, New York. Her work is in public and private collections in the US, Taiwan, Germany and Australia.

My current work is grounded in the exploration and observation of natural phenomena and varied terrain. I paint fictional landscapes that contain living characters, magnified spheres, malleable hills, and new dramatized forms which invite engagement through discovery, mystery and rhythm. The large, often isolated shapes have human qualities and odd – yet playful – stature that suggest association to plant, animal and other. Underlying this work is an affinity for transcendent color and visual rhythm